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Sorting through your Medicare choices can be a daunting task. Don't panic! We will consult with you and find out what is really important to you. Then we'll find the best solution suited to your individual needs and shop for the lowest premium.

To get past the first level of confusion, Medicare, today has 4 parts; Part A; Part B; Part C, referred to as Medicare Advantage; and Part D. Outlined below is a brief comparison. There is also a group of plans that are jointly referred to as Medicare Supplement Plans also known Medigap Plans which do exactly as the name would imply, they "fill the Gaps" in Medicare Coverage.

While Medicare supplement plans are called as Plan A, Plan B, etc., they should not be confused with Medicare Part A or Plan B, etc. Review the brief summaries below for more clarity.

Medicare Part A

Medicare Part A is your basic health care coverage for hospitalization, skilled nursing care, some aspects of nursing home care, home health service and hospice.

For most Americans, Medicare Part A is provided at no charge (assuming they worked for a minimum of 10 years). There are NO network issues to deal with and it is generally accepted by most health care service providers. It does not cover all hospital or skilled nursing costs due to deductibles and co-insurance. Most of these costs can be covered by the proper supplement plan. (Custodial Care is not covered by Medicare).

Medicare Part B

Medicare Part B covers doctor visits and certain out-patient procedures in a hospital not covered by Part A. It also covers medically necessary services and supplies as well as aspects of preventative and diagnostic services.

Plan B coverage has monthly premiums and an annual deductible.

Medicare Part C - Medicare Advantage

Medicare Advantage was established about a decade ago. These plans are designed by Independent Insurance Carriers, contracted with the Federal Government, and must offer elements of Medicare Part A and Part B. Some also include drug Coverage under Medicare Part D.

These plans are required to adhere to government regulations and are generally sold in certain regions and counties. Beneficiaries are generally "Locked-In" for the whole year except in certain circumstances. They can be designed as HMO, PPO or Private-Fee-For-Service plans and usually have co-pay and co-insurance charges.

Medicare Part D

Medicare Part D is prescription drug coverage and was also added to your Medicare options within the last decade to provide help especially for individuals whose health maintenance significantly depends on regular and sometime expensive prescription drugs.

These plans also have "Locked-In" periods except in certain circumstances and can usually only be changed during the Annual Enrollment Period (AEP).

Medicare Supplement Plans (MediGap)

Medicare Supplement Plans are designed to fill the gaps in Medicare. While Independent Insurance Carriers provide the plan options, Medicare remains your primary insurance provider; both your Medicare Card and Insurance card are presented to your health service provider and most plans kick in to cover what Medicare doesn't.

These plans are predetermined by rule, (Standardized), each to handle a specific aspect of co-insurance and/or deductibles (gaps). Plans today range from Plan A to Plan N (not all are sold in every state) and can usually be used anywhere in the United States and its possessions and territories.

Here is where Sherman Insurance Consulting , at a no fee consultation, works with you, based on your specific needs, health concerns and budget to first select the best insurance plan. Then to research which Insurance Provider offers the best plan at the lowest premium.

Why pay more than you have to?