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Do you have 'pre-existing' health conditions?

There are times when you can purchase a Medicare Supplement (GAP) plan when the company cannot turn you down! Click for more information

"Most medicare supplement plans, are all the same!

So then why is there such a variety of premiums? We can help you 'shop' for the best price in your area. Click for more information

Did you know that medicare doesn't cover most for the cost of 'Long-Term Care'...

...and all of your life savings including your retirement accounts are at risk? Click for more information

Fearful that you might outlive your retirement funds?

With people living longer this is a major concern for retirees. No one wants to spend their golden years waiting tables. Click for more information

Worried about possibly outliving your money?

What would you say if we could show you a way of accumulating money, at better than CD rates, (conservatively but steadily) with absolutely no chance of losing it? Guaranteed! Click for more information

Now that your children have left the nest, is all of your life insurance gone?
How about paying for "Final Expenses"?

We can help you place Life insurance even with pre-existing health conditions for amounts from $5,000 to $35,000 or higher. Click for more information

Turning 65 soon?

Leaving your employer benefits behind (even if you're older than 65)? We can help you sort through all the confusion, and guide you into the correct choice based on YOUR situation. Click for more information

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Disability Coverage

Disability insurance is coverage that replaces a portion of your salary if you are unable to work due to a medical condition. While most disability coverage is part of the employee benefits offered by employers, some people purchase individual disability insurance policies. Before considering going out on disability it is important that you know what benefits are available to you.

Most people think a disabling injury or illness is a remote possibility. The statistics tell another story, however. People in their early 30s are three times more likely to suffer a disability lasting three months or longer than they are to die. Nearly 33 percent of all people will suffer a serious disability between the ages of 35 and 65. The average disability will last more than five years, but for 30 percent of those disabled, it will persist for life.

These statistics show the importance of having adequate insurance protection. If you're like most people, your ability to earn a living is your most valuable asset. Disability insurance steps in if you lose that asset as a result of sickness or injury. Find out whether your employer provides disability insurance protection for you through a group plan and, if so, determine the scope of this coverage. Most disability plans use a disability benefit level of 60 percent of gross salary. Most other employers also provide this type of coverage, and many give employees the option to buy more insurance.

Is your paycheck insured?

If you are in an accident and can't work, how do you think you'll pay your everyday bills? We can find you disability coverage that will help with these and other problems. Call us!